Capabilities & Equipment

Our Equipment:

Water Jet Machining Centers-

We have two Waterjet Machining centers with a maximum cutting envelope of 13′ 4″ long by 6’8″ wide. Both of our machines have an 8″ maximum Z axis height allowing us to cut materials of all kinds both thick and thin!

Secondary equipment currently available for independent projects outside of water jet cutting, or second operation work to compliment the water jet cutting:

Haas VF2-SS Vertical Machining Center-

A CNC mill available for stand alone short run jobs, and second op work to compliment the water jet process.

100 watt Co2 Laser-

Also available we have a 100 watt Co2 laser with a 51″ x 35″ cutting envelope. The Co2 laser is nice for artsy jobs in wood, or acrylic either for a stand alone project, or as an accent to a water jet cut project. A great choice for signage! It can also engrave glass, tile, stone, and can mark certain metals for things such as product tags, data plates, and things of that nature.